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The best way to do this is to calculate return on capital employed (ROCE) or return on equity (ROE) – see my detailed study of Marston’s accounts in September and October this year for how to do this. Marston’s ROCE for 2018 was just over 6 per cent, which is a relatively poor result and suggests that its assets could be overvalued. Well most people are born by circumstance into the place they reside and rule over. Sure many were by circumstance born in the territory they ruled, but many were not. But nationalism was born in the attraction of various upper class types to folklore, legends, myths, etc etc. Very much against the grain of the overly rationalist Enlightenment. Nationalism is based upon extreme emotions – you can’t square that away with the Enlightenment. Nor was the Enlightened a purely realpolitik extreme type rationalism. When valuing the bond, investors are discounting the future £5 interest payments and £100 return of principal to a present value – a value today – to reflect the time value of money and the fact that they are worth less today the longer they have to wait for it and the higher interest rates are.

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Firstly, inflation will reduce the buying power of the £5. They were not to unite a common people and protect them, they were to protect the money and power of the often cosmopolitan elites. Bonds are IOUs where the investor hands over money – usually in batches of £100 – to the borrower who in most cases (but not in a world of negative interest rates) promises to pay interest for a period of time – usually several years and then pay back the initial £100 borrowed. Yes and that was to show how many noble and royal families over time went native. Average train speed was very low (and still is today), although the advantage of regular 25MPH train speeds over heavy 2-3MPH wagons was more than enough of a selling point. Many people who you claim don’t care about sensor size, apparently care enough to intentionally attempt to mislead others in an attempt to claim an mft superiority that does not exist.

It’s throat sliced wide open with only a few ribbons of flesh remaining, one eyeball missing, and a claw mark that exposed its skull across the face/eye socket we immediately understood what had occurred, if that weren’t enough to make it obvious to us what had happened, the corner of shaggy’s ear was stuck in his teeth. The fact that the borders could dramatically shift as a result of one person’s personal inheritance regardless of what the people though or wanted emphasizes this. One of the most important lessons I have learned as an investor is not to let high valuations put you off a share. Its last balance sheet in March 2019 gave a NAV per share of 136.1p, according to SharePad. I’ve always found yields – profits, cash flows or dividends expressed as a percentage of the share price – to be a more informative and useful way of appraising the value of a share.

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Emotion got in the way and needed to largely be discarded when it came to matters such state and nature. But having a state built around a common identity as a people, rather than the whims of an aristocracy and monarchy, is in fact rational and logical especially as they had failed to meet the demands and goals of the people. Of course the Enlightenment too was not purely rational to the point of being nihilistic, which is important to note, the Enlightenment was in fact values based, and tended to romanticize certain things. Funny to bring up George III, because by the time he took the throne the Enlightenment had already begun, and George I and II did not have English as their first language, and were more fluent in German, French and Latin than English. There is a funny anecdote of a English nobleman in the 13th or 14th century asking for eggs in Middle English only to be told by the cook that she doesn’t speak French but to the English nobleman he was speaking English simply because where he was from eggs were eggs.