Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Deep cleaning luxury vinyl plank flooring once a month will ensure that it maintains its original shine and luster. Although an acrylic finish isn’t a requirement, it can add shine and provide a protective barrier when applied correctly. Once those tiny particles of dirt make their way onto the vinyl flooring, there is a good chance that friction will cause scratches to the finish. Vacuuming is also an excellent first step as a way to clean engineered hardwood flooring to get rid of stray dirt and dust before getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning the surface. As you can see in the photo at your right, the new floor covering in the kitchen goes well in pattern, color, and texture with the hardwood flooring in the dining area. It’s more durable than hardwood floors and is an ideal choice for homeowners with children and pets. Below is a more in-depth guide on how to clean your vinyl plank flooring in the best way possible!

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The felt will protect the flooring from damaging scratches. Another way to protect the vinyl flooring is to place felt pads beneath any furniture that rests on the floor. You can leave some vinyl-safe cleaners on the floor to air dry, while others will instruct you to rinse the floor first. Desk chairs that are rolled across the floor will leave scratches to the surface over time. If you have difficulty telling the difference between a luxury vinyl floor and a laminate floor, you’re not alone in this confusion. Have several mop pads on hand so they can be easily changed when dirty. On the other hand, an acrylic finish is a liquid-based substance that’s applied with a mop and bucket. Make sure the floor is dry after you finish cleaning it. There may be times when that floor needs extra deep cleaning. To keep your floors looking new, be sure to avoid using the following tools and cleaning products during routine and deep cleanings.

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Remember to keep rinsing the mop head so that you aren’t spreading dirty water along the floor. After dunking the mop head into a water solution, use the wet mop head to clean the floor using a circular motion to form a figure eight. Clean around the house and do it in one motion. This motion ensures that dirt and grime are not pushed aside. The solution uses vinegar, which is naturally acidic enough to break down stuck-on dirt and grime yet gentle enough to use on vinyl flooring. Place a doormat at the entryway to the room with the luxury flooring. There are various types of vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl plank and vinyl tile. All types of vinyl flooring are also completely waterproof. That means you’ll need to use low-impact techniques to keep your vinyl plank flooring looking its best. Your plank vinyl floors will keep their appearance longer if you regularly sweep them. While simple soap and water is OK for vinyl flooring, using a vinyl floor cleaner designed for the material will help it last longer and keep its beautiful appearance. While a vinyl floor is low maintenance flooring, there are still some steps that you should take when cleaning vinyl to keep it scuff-free and shiny.

Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring? Once those tiny

Before mopping the floor, sprinkle a layer of baking soda onto the dirty areas of the floor. Luxury vinyl can be installed in all areas of the home and it makes an easy-care yet beautiful accent in any room. Luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t require the application of any type of wax. In the following list, we show you how to clean vinyl plank flooring as well as offer some useful tips and tricks for maintaining its beauty. Have any cleaning tips you would like to share? But, with kids and a dog in the house, there are constantly going to be spills/stains/shedding on the floor, so it’s been really important to have a game plan for keeping our LVP clean. Here are several ways that you can clean vinyl plank flooring properly without using harsh cleaning products or abrasive cleaners. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind here is that colors have basically three tones: Cool tones, neutral tones, and warm tones. By choosing your colors well, you can easily switch out accessories and have a completely different look for the room without having to remodel the entire kitchen.

Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring? be conservative with your cleaning

Have stubborn stain or scuff you simply can’t seem to get out? The sponge should still have its rectangular form and look clean. Reduce water: While many vinyl floors are water-resistant, you should still be conservative with your cleaning liquids. Vacuuming the vinyl flooring with the beater bar still intact can cause scratches to the surface. And our flooring guy loved us because he doesn’t like laying too many transition strips. This doesn’t have to be a long process, just a quick sweep to get rid of particles that could scratch your floors. In fact, you can sweep at the end of every day to remove crumbs that have built up from cooking or dust. With that water, e-cloth has been shown to remove over 99% of bacteria from flooring. But vinyl plank flooring is very delicate. Ours is glue down so we just have to take a hair dryer to the plank, blast it until the glue softens, peel up the bad plank and replace it with a new one. One trick that many people swear by is to spear a tennis ball on the end of a stick and rub it over the scuff to make it disappear.

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